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Great Inexpensive Fragrances

I have found quite a few quality designer fragrances for under $40.00 that I am excited to share with you. I invite you to use this list to help build your collection at an affordable price. There are many solid online sites where these fragrances can be found for a steal. Nothing listed is of poor quality. As a matter of fact every scent listed could compete with fragrances costing double sometimes triple the price. Here are the ones I use regularly.



Fragrance notes come from Fragrantica.com and Basenotes.com.


“Carven Homme” by Carven

This one dropped in 1999. It comes in two sizes 1.6 oz and 3.3 oz.  This is cinnamon, sandlewood, nutmeg, and amber balmy goodness. It kinda smells like the now out of production Gucci Envy. It is a gem you should have in your collection regardless of cost.

Carven Homme

“Club De Nuit Intense Man” by Armaf

Most folks in the Fragrance community are familiar with the cologne this copies. It is the infamous “Aventus” by Creed. Aventus is a fragrance that is considered by many to be one of the biggest compliment getting fragrances of all time? Aventus however retails between $195-$395! This is the best copy of Aventus on the market in my opinion and you can get this one under $50.00.



“Intense Black” Lomani

This is a copy of another well liked fragrance from Creed called “Royal Oud”. It is one of the closest copies I have smelled. Primary notes are cedar, pink pepper and oud. It’s a smoky upscale fragrance that is suppose to represent luxury. You can find it for about $35-$45. Royal Oud retails for about $385 – $485. Hmmh…

Lomani Intense Black

“Wild” Joop! Homme

This is suppose to be a new version of the original classic “Joop!” that dropped in 1989. This fragrance is criminally slept on and works for casual nights out or a date.  It is a boozy tobacco composition with a woody back bone and does everything well.

joop homme wild

Rochas Man by Rochas

Rochas Man dropped in 1999. It is categorized as a woody spicy and is a perfect date night fragrance. It is a nice mix of sandlewood, raspberry, vanilla and patchouli. If you enjoy sweet smelling fragrances and need something to satisfy that this is it.

rochas man


“Avant Garde” by Lanvin

Released 2011. Perfumer; Shyamala Maisondieu. Notes: Italian bergamot, Madagascar pepper, pink peppercorn and juniper. The middle is lavender, nutmeg, cardamom and beeswax. Base; Intensive vetiver blends with benzoin, tobacco and Georgywood. Great date fragrance. When I smell it I get chocolate, tobacco, nutmeg and beeswax. I think this scent is best suited to be worn at night. Also comes in very nice looking flask. Gem!

Avant Garde



“Voyage” by Nautica

Released 2006. Perfumer; Maurice Roucel. This is probably the best deal you can get period! I picked up a 3.4 oz for $13.99. This is a top notch aquatic fragrance. It was highly recommended by the online fragrance community and I would have to say I agree.  If you like scents like Armani “Acqua Di Gio” or Issey Miyake “L’eau d’ Issey” I believe you will also like this one.

Nautica Voyage


“Individuel” by Mont Blanc

Released 2003. Perfumer; Pierre Bourdon. The top notes; rosemary, pineapple, coriander, cinnamon, lavender, juniper berries, mint, bergamot and cardamom. The mid notes; orange blossom, violet, jasmine and geranium. Base notes: sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, raspberry, vanilla, dark chocolate, oakmoss and vetiver. Look when I smell this It reminds me of “Joop!”. However this is more refined and not as loud. So if you like “Joop!” but want a modern updated version this is it. I have even heard it smells like “Original Santal” by Creed. I can’t confirm that as I don’t own it. Just so you know Original Santal costs a minimum $119.00 for a 2.5oz!

Mont Blanc Individuel


“M” by Perry Ellis

Released 2004. Opening notes; Cinnamon peel, lily and sage. Base; vanilla, musk, tonka bean, cashmere tree and vetiver. This is a very good fragrance by Perry Ellis. I think it works best as a date fragrance but you be the judge?  You can get this for $20.00 but it smells like it cost 3-4 times that. When I smell it I get the cinnamon, vanilla and tonka bean. Can’t find anything bad to say about it.

perry ellis M


“Harmony” by Cerruti Image

Released early 2000s. Great smelling fresh scent perfect for everyday. You can’t really say anything bad about this one. Its simple and does that very well. Every guy needs one like this in their collection. If you see this one do yourself a favor and pick it up. Really cool sprayer design!

Cerruti Image



“Euphoria Intense” by Calvin Klein

Released: 2008. Perfumer; Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. Kind of an Oriental Spicy Fragrance. I get ginger and amber. I also get some myrrh and a pepper note. I like this one better than the original Euphoria. It has some kick to it.

Euphoria Intense


“Paradise” by Alfred Sung

Released 2003. Perfumer; David Apel. There are two manufactures of this fragrance. One is based out of the US and the other is based out of Canada. You want the one out of Canada (Riveria Concepts)! The US manufacture is Elizabeth Arden. Trust me there is a big difference in regards to performance. The US version lasts about 2 hours while the Canadian about 6 hours! This has a fresh green vibe to it with a tart Papaya note right in the middle. Not like a sugary Papaya drink but an actual Papaya that is not ripe yet. You can get it for $20.00 all over the internet. I got mine off of Ebay. Remember to ask who is the manufacturer!

Sung Paradise


“CK One Shock” by Calvin Klein

Released 2011. Perfumer; Ann Gottlieb and IFF. When I smell the sprayer I get a tabacco note with pepper. When I spray it on my skin I get more of a warm amber and patchouli vibe with a hint of Lavender. The musk comes through on the dry down. This is a darn good scent for the price! I have a 6.7oz I bought at Marshalls for $20.00.

CK Shock


“Original Penguin” by Munsingwear

Released 2011. In this one you get an apple, vanilla and musk note in the opening. In the middle you get lavender, pine, pepper and patchouli. This could be a signature scent for a lot of people. To me this is the right balance between modern and classic. I picked up a tester from Fragrancenet.com for $20.00.



“Sun Java White” by Franck Olivier

Released 2011. I picked this up because I was told it smelled like Creed “Silver Mountain Water”. It is a nice scent with almost soapy/floral vibe. Haven’t worn it enough to tell you what I think so this is a work in progress.

Update: Went to the Creed counter and sampled Silver Mountain Water. This is a dead ringer! Why is that a big deal? Well just a 1.0 oz of SMW is around $125-$175! Now SMW does smell a little fresher than Sun Java White but that is it. This fragrance is not my favorite but does have a mass appeal that many will enjoy. Do your research and you will see SMW is highly regarded and a signature scent for a lot of folks. This is a steal at about $25.00 online.



Masculine Plus Plus by Diesel

Fragrancer; Arturetto Landi. Released 1997. Believe it or not this cologne has got a milky note to it. I know that sounds extremely weird but it actually works! I get cinnamon, nutmeg, patchouli, tonka bean and anise. There are actually a lot of notes listed for this one but thats what I get. Try not to listen to the naysayers. Put your nose on it and judge for yourself. Shake up your collection!

diesel plus plus


“Black” Mandarina Duck

Fragrancer; Nathalie Lorson. Released in 2009. This is a sweet smelling fragrance. I get vanilla, tonka bean, tangerine, sandlewood and bergamot. Good performance and a great pick up for under $30.00!



Raghba Wood Intense by Lattafa Perfumes

Great high quality fragrance from the middle east. I picked this up from a seller on ebay. It took about 3 weeks to receive but it was worth it.  This smells like a blend of multiple woods with caramel and a rum. With shipping this was only $40.00 straight from Kuwait. It is a EDP! Powerful impact boom!

Raghba wood intense