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Taster’s Choice 2



I really wasn’t a fan of Jazz when I was younger. However as I got older and my taste developed I began to like it more and more. So being a music head I began to collect Jazz albums. Having a love of sharing music I wanted to create a list that may help a budding jazz fan make some solid choices to start his or her own collection. The range is from classic jazz to jazz fusion. I will update with album details and music snippets as time permits.


“Time Out”  by The Dave Brubeck Quartet. This album contains the quintessential classic “Take Five”.  Jazz fan or not you heard this somewhere before? It is a classic every jazz collector should have.

Time Out The Dave Brubeck Quartet


“Empyrean Isles” by Herbie Hancock.  Contains “Oliloqui Valley” which was sampled during during the Hip-Hop Golden Era. It also has Cantaloupe Island which was sampled by a pop act in the early 90’s.

Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles



“Chasin The Jazz Gone By”   The Five Corners Quintet.  This is one of my favorite new school  jazz albums. It’s actually got some serious heat for the dance floor. Overall a very good album.

FCQ chasing the jazz gone by


“Brazilian Dreams”  Paquito D’Rivera

Paquito D'Rivera Brazilian Dreams



“Someday My Prince Will Come”   Miles Davis




“Crescent”  John Coltrane




“Simply Said”  Kenny Garrett

kenny garrett Simply Said



“doin something”   Soulive

soulive doin something




“Speak No Evil”   Wayne Shorter




“Red Clay”   Freddie Hubbard

red clay cover



“Traveling Miles”   Cassandra Wilson

cassandra wilson traveling miles



“Saxaphone Colossus”   Sonny Rollins




“Straight No Chaser”  Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk Straight No Chaser



“Man-Child”   Herbie Hancock




“Kind of Blue”   Miles Davis

kind of blue Miles Davis



“A Love Supreme”   John Coltrane

Coltrane A Love Supreme



“Gears”   Johnny Hammond

Johnny Hammond Gears



“Spaces and Places”   Donald Byrd




“Southern Comfort”    The Crusaders

The Crusaders Souther Comfort



“Beyond”   Joshua Redman

joshua redman beyond



“Jazz has a Sense of Humor”   Horace Silver

Horace Silver Jazz has a sense of humor



“West Coast Jazz”  Stan Getz




Offramp – Pat Metheny Group





“Study in Brown”   Clifford Brown and Max Roach




“Mister Magic”   Grover Washington Jr.




“Soul Station”  Hank Mobley







Sean Haley had a thread on Facebook where he asked people to list their favorite house cut of all time. A lot folks responded and I thought it was pretty cool idea. So I thought what if I posted my favorite house cuts from 2000 to the present? Let me tell you… It turned out to be quite the undertaking. I had to first compile the list/music and then weed out. I could have added more but this is it. Now … there are a lot of list going around and I am not trying to add to that madness. For me this is all about sharing and discovery! Most djs/collectors are up on all of these cuts. So its not really about them. At some point we have to get “regular folk” to support our music. It’s upsetting to know we have some of the best music being made in our circle with some prolific artist! Yet its reach is no further than our circle. It’s time for the music to escape from the underground into the main stream. I don’t mean that in negative way… understand I want the art to stay, I just want the artist to profit from their art!

Expected responses….Not deep enough, not enough vocals, too many vocals, too commercial, where is the disco…this ain’t house, they don’t make good music any more….

Thumbs up or thumbs and big toes down…I don’t really care. If someone discovers music  and “BUYS” that music, that is what it’s about for me!


Side note: I gave Dusty Groove and Dance Tracks a lot of dough….


Favorites House Cuts   2000 – 2013


dj set up


“Always” by Lisa Shaw.  This is one of my favorite straight house cuts of all time. I prefer the Lovetronic vocal mix. The bass line is so on point!!! I played this one a lot.



“I Might Do Something Wrong” – Tortured Soul. This is a classic and is deserving of the title.





“Music and Wine” (remix) – Blue Six. A staple from the Naked Music label. They ran it in the early 2000’s.





“Finally” – Kings of Tomorrow





“Burning” – Pepe Bradrock


pepe brodrick



“Shades of Jae” – Moodymann. Funky energy. Only negative is it should have been longer.





“Our Music” – Trackheadz





“Cuando” (King Brit’s Summer MIx) – SI SE’. Sexy latin groove. King Brits mix is nice and perfect for the dance floor.





“Let Love Fly” (Joe Claussell Mix) – Ananda Project. Ananda Project puts out quality. This is a lush soulful house groove.


Ananda Project



“Getaway” – Anthony Nicholson. Straight groove. Pick it up.





“Rideaway Getaway” – Agent K.







“Same Thing” – Osunlade

same thing




“Grand Pianoramax” (Atjazz Mix)  – Freestyle Figures


freestyle figures



“Keep On” – Fudge ft Mani Hoffman





“Back In My Life” – Chuck Love





“Thinking of You” – John Ciafone





“Tonight” (King Britt’s Sexy Mix) – H Foundation





“Let The Record Play” – Frank I. Sexy groove for the dance floor.





“Fable” – Lil Louis.





“The Love of Music” – DJ Kawasaki





“Starlight” – Escort




“You Use To Rock” – Blue Six





“Close Your Eyes” (Yoruba Mix) – Miguel Migs


vinyl cover



“Im Doin Fine” –  Moodymann featuring Amp Fiddler on vocals.

I picked this one up from “Turntable Lab”. Turntable lab is one of my secret go to spots for tunes.  I have two promo copies and put the needle to them a lot. This was one of my go to cuts for a while. It stayed in my bag for a longgggg time! I don’t know if you can still cop this new? You may have to take it back to the old school and dig!




“NJF” – Dennis Ferrer


ferrer njf



“It’s Yours” – John Cutler ft Eman





“Tim Loves Sax” – Tim Deluxe





“Mirror Dance” – Afefe Iku






“Conquistador” – Glenn Underground. Really nice!!! Keyboard work is sick.




“Discover the World” – Lars Bartkuhn and his Passion Dance Orchestra. A lot of really good stuff came out on the Needs label.





“Like Sunshine, My Memory” – Pushim.




“Like A Star” – Alister Johnson





“Leave My Head Alone Brain” – Henrick Schwarz




“The Audience” – Matthew Hubert





“Listen To The Drums” – Outlines





“Life Is Like” (Native New Yorkers rmx) – Richard Gow






“Over Night” – Inland Knights




“People Get Up” – Vernell De Long





“Issamippi” – David Taylor & Jesse Rose





“Park Jam” – Doctor M





“Everyday” – Central Living





“Changes” – Lee Douglas






“Samurai” – Jazztronik






“Bella” – Beady Belle






“Call Me” (Yam Who Rework) – N’Dambi





“Le Champagne” – Trentmoller





“Away” (Phil Asher Restless Soul Mix) – DJ Mitsu





“Fall For You” – Kings of Tomorrow






“Get Down” (Original Whoopin Mix) – 12th Floor. Straight party cut. It may be a little slow bpm wise but has mad energy. Never heard anyone bump this.

12th Floor



“Bar A Thym” – Kerri Chandler. Bumpin peak time track.


Bar A Thym



“Stereo People” (Mark Pritchard Remix)  – Troubleman. Broken beat goodness.





“The Awakening” – Julius Papp.


The Awakening



“The Night” (album version) – Miguel Migs. Another groove from the Naked Music Label!


colorful you



“The Colours of Love” – The Layabouts





“You” (12″ Mix)- Plej. This reminds me of a Jamiroquai cut.





“Your Colors” (Yoruba Soul Mix) – John Beltran.


Your Colors



“Runaway” – Moodymann. Stripped down groove.





“Festejar” – Salome De Bahia. I enjoyed playing this at parties that allowed me to play more than just the safe cuts.


Salome De Bahia



“Held Him First” – Deyampert.

This is a cutttt!!! When I bought this I immediately began checking for a full length album. It never came. This track features Clover from “Amraah 8”. There is some “Jazzanova” affiliation and you can tell. Go out and dig for this one! I haven’t seen it anywhere since I bought it. Picked up the 12″ from Dusty Grooves back in “04”. It is a must have.

Deyampert - Held Him First1



“The Time is Now (Can 7 Mix)” – Moloko

I love her unique voice. This an essential for your house collection.

The Time is Now


“Keep on Making Me High” – Georg Levin. Blue eyed soul.  A nice mellow house groover.

georg levin


“Stronger Man” Ben Watt & Sananda Maitreya. This was the highlight of the winter music conference when it hit.




“So Far” – Miguel Migs





“I Miss The Things” (Joe DiPadova & Shea Marshall Mix) – Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak. Smooth house cut.

I miss the things



“Holiday” (Kenny Dope Rmx) – Roy Ayers. Kenny Dope flipped this into a really nice house cut.




“Elle” (Criola Rmx) – DJ Gregory – Vega. I like the original also but its something about this breakdown that I really like.





“Brand New Feeling” (Phil Asher Mix) – Roy Ayers. Bass line is sick. Get it!

Brand New Feeling




“Rock Wit U” (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Erro

I ran this one on a regular when it hit. Osunlade killed this mix.



“Ride” – Harrison Crump. Two versions on the 12″. The house version and the chill almost steppers like version? You need this in your collection.

harrison crump



“Tonight” – Roomsa. This was in my record bag for a while. I always thought this was a fun sexy record.


Roomsa Tonight



“Want You in My Soul” – Lovebirds





“Paper Chase” – Claire Hill ft Vikter Duplaix. I really like this one and it surprises me that I don’t really hear any one play this.

claire hill



“Into My Life” – Elements of Life





“The Cure and The Cause” – Fish Go Deep. I mostly heard cats playing the Dennis Ferrer mix. I however preferred the original version.




“Surrender” – Seek

Seek is a soul band from Atlanta, GA and Surrender is the title cut from the first LP. The album was released in 2002. I own the album on cd, I have the 12″ single and the Giant Step compilation. I also recommend their second album “Journey Into Day”,



“Somebody New” – Georg Levin. The 12″ cover looked like a test press? I picked this up about the same time Black Satin ft Lady Sarah by Gene Farris dropped. This was the first record I bought by Georg Levin. He is a very solid artist with a few full length releases.


Georg Levin 12inch



“Let The Drums Speak” (Phil Asher Restless Soul Mix) – Bah Samba. Straight smash!!! Warm weather outdoor patio classic.


bah samba



“Everything” – Ian Friday


Ian Friday



“2 Bullets” – Michoacan.

This kinda of has that optimo / bostich feel to it. I heard DJ Garth run this at a party thrown by House Society in Vegas. The crowd wasn’t really feeling it but it took me back to the early BMX days.





“Swimming Places” – Julien Jabre. When I first got this almost everytime I played this someone came to the tables to ask what is was.





“Take Me Back” – Kings of Tomorrow





The music posted can be found at these locations….






I would also try your local neighborhood record store. Go out and get those fingers dusty!









No matter where you stand on the different media formats if you have been collecting for some time you probably have vinyl in your collection. I think it is always cool to add pieces to your collection.

A few picks from my vinyl collection.

“Fallin” by Monday Michiru. This is a pretty cool EP. Great cover and with a cool jazzy cut. Monday Michiru makes some nice music.  This an import so it will be a little pricey. Plus her works can be a little hard to find. I played this out a few times at some high end private events.

Fallin - Monday Michiru


“You” is a cut from a group called Plej. It kind of reminds me of something that might have been made by Jamiroquai? I have the 12″ single and also the album “Electronic Music From The Swedish Leftcoast”. I just recently saw this album available on Traxsource. I actually bought my copy from Dusty Grooves in like “04” ? Go for the 12″ or the album. “You” is a little different on the album via the way it breaks down….not in a bad way. The album as a whole is solid.

Plej - You



Second cut by Deyampert is “It’s You”. This kind of has a “Seek” type sound. It’s a smooth cut that could definitely work in a house set. I recommend it highly.  Again I have never seen this outside of when I bought it. I got this one at Dusty Grooves.

Deyampert - It's You



“Get On” is a great song from Cooly’s hot-box. It’s got this vintage mid 70s soul vibe. If you are not familiar with the group you may  recognize the lead vocal as none other than John-Christian Urich. Lead vocalist and drummer from “Tortured Soul”. I use to play this one late night at “fleur de lys” in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. It was a great place to test certain cuts. It was a really nice restaurant and people would sit near the bar, talk and listen. Always positive feedback on this one. I have the album “don’t be afraid-get on” and the 12″ which has “get on” and “touch my body”. The vinyl is in storage so here is the cd picture.

Get On


“Close To You” featuring Ernesto, (Maurice Fulton remix) has a modern 80s vibe if that makes any sense? I played this out a few times and would always get other dj’s asking “who this that” ?  The group is called “Beanfield” and there first album release was called “Seek”. They were on the “Compost” label. I think I picked the 12″ up in “05”?

Close To You - Beanfield


“Dream” is a sleeper cut by Moses Mcclean featuring Nedra. This one dropped in “06” on the “Still Music” label. I like the Patchworks Remix best. For those with an “ear” you will notice the drums are the same as “Thousand Finger Man” by Candido.  This is now available on digital download via traxsource.com. I got my 12″ at Dusty Groove.

Dream - Moses Mcclean


“Simply So” featuring Spacek (SA RA remix). This has a nice hip-hop feel and bounce to it. I really like when the horns drop. You should have this 12″ in your collection. I can’t remember if I got this at “Big B’s” or at this Hip Hop store across the street? I can’t remember the name of the Hip Hop store but both had great selections. They both sat on Maryland Parkway in Vegas. I found a lot of hard to find disco 12″s (Mint) at Big B’s for $1.99! Big B’s like many other vinyl retailers folded when “Serato” became all the rage.


Simply So - Spacek


“Now I Live (And Now My Life is Done)”. Rare groove cut by Ben Sidran from the album “Putting in Time on Planet Earth”. I don’t remember ever hearing this one sampled? It is a funky slow groover! I told my friend Marcus Chapman I was looking for this and he called me and let me know he ran up on it in “Reckless Records” in Chicago. I have since picked up my second copy. It is on the Blue Thumb Label and is a Gatefold cover. If you see it pick it up.

Ben Sidran - Puttin in Time on Planet Earth


Last but not least is “Sack Full of Dreams” a major jazz cut! This was one of my dads favorites and now mine! It’s off the album “My Way” by Gene Ammons. My dad had a copy when I was a kid and I picked up my own in 2010. Gene Ammons was a Legendary Jazz Tenor Saxophonists and one of Chicago’s own!  If you’re on the fence about Jazz I suggest you try getting into it song by song vs trying to tackle whole albums. Slow and steady is how you get into Jazz. Doing this will help you determine what you like. Once you know, you can then seek out those musicians.


Gene Ammons - My Way


The music posted can be found at these locations….






I would also try your local neighborhood record store. Go out and get those fingers dusty!