5 Gems


Sitting back trying to think of something fun and challenging I could do on the site with my music collection? The idea of picking various artists and selecting five songs that capture the essence of their sound got me excited! I took a scan of my music and a few artists jumped out at me. […]

Disco Mixes


I decided to make a separate page for Disco Mixes. I don’t really spin it much unless the situation calls for it. However there are still a lot of disco heads out there so here you go… Disclaimer: Some of the transfers are from cassettes over 20yrs old. You will hear drop outs, sound changes, […]

Film – Best & Favorites II


The Ten Commandments Charleston Heston plays Moses in the landmark ” The Ten Commandments”. I believe everyone has at least seen parts of this one? Good movie that holds up well.   The French Connection Classic American Cinema.  American cop Gene Hackman and his partner try to bring down a large Heroin connection.   Hoosiers […]

Film – Best & Favorites – I


These are quite simply some of the best I have ever seen and some of my favorites thrown in. Favorites are not necessarily the best but they touched me and I continue to watch them. These are not in any order. Raiders of the Lost Ark This was my favorite flick of all, from the […]

My Love of Movies – Sleepers


I have always been a fan of film. It’s something about seeing a good flick. I love movies and I can see my love for movies is already rubbing off on my son. When I think about it there are three experiences that started my love for movies. First I remember going to the movies […]