The Ten Commandments

Charleston Heston plays Moses in the landmark ” The Ten Commandments”. I believe everyone has at least seen parts of this one? Good movie that holds up well.



The French Connection

Classic American Cinema.  American cop Gene Hackman and his partner try to bring down a large Heroin connection.




This is a great sports flick. I remember seeing this in like 87? This also has Gene Hackman. He is a high school basketball coach of a small school in Indiana that goes on to win the state championship. Before “Remember the Titans” there was Hoosiers!



A Time To Kill

Good movie about about a couple scum bags that brutally attack the daughter of Samual L Jackson. He kills them both and must stand trial during a very transitional time in the south. Matthew Mcconaughey must convince the jury this indeed was a “A Time to Kill”.




A story I had never heard of prior to the movie. A town in Florida called “Rosewood” was a prospering all Black community. The community was destroyed and many killed when neighboring whites accused a black male of raping a white women.


Where The Heart Is

This is one of my wife’s dvd’s. I watched it after much resistance and can’t lie…it’s good. Not something I would normally check out but good never the less.  Boyfriend of Natalie Portman dumps her at a Walmart and she has to survive on her own pregnant.

sWhere the Heart Is



Coughlin’s law… I always did like this one. Yes it is a little corny and a guilty pleasure. You’ve seen it too so don’t front!



One of the first movies I got on DVD. This is kind of a sleeper flick. David Duchovny and his girlfriend pick up Brad Pitt and his girlfriend Juliette Lewis. They are researching serial killers and don’t even know they have one in their midst.


My Family – Mi Familia

Nice flick about a family that comes to the states from Mexico and it’s survival. Good cast.



City of God

Good flick about the life of some in the barrio’s of Brazil. This was on a lot of lists for top movie when it came out. You can get this for a steal on blu-ray.



Blood In Blood Out

A great flick based in east la about three family members that have their lives go in three different directions.



To Live and Die in LA

I saw this shortly after it came out. A story about secret service agents that try to bring down a counterfeiter. It’s a good cat and mouse cop flick. Now I haven’t seen this in a looonng time…so I am unsure of how it has aged? It is available on blu ray.

To Live and Die in LA


Poltergeist II

This didn’t get the shine the original did but I find this to be the best of the first two. I have it on DVD, it looks good and holds up. This time they experience the evil spirit in physical form that was trying to take Carol Ann in the original.

Poltergeist II

Damien Omen II

Bad things happen to everyone that figures out who Damien is and plot his demise. Damien  discovers who he is and hell works to insure his future as the anti-christ.

Damien Omen II


Fright Night

Saw this at the movies with my dad and sisters. It was a pleasant surprise as we had no idea it was a vampire flick. For its time it was a solid vampire flick, plus it was one of a very few.




I bought this on blu-ray last year as a role of the dice. I was so happy with the purchase! Some scenes seem like someone is video taping with a personal camera. For me this kinda added a sense of realism? They keep your guessing for about 1/3 of the film. Kind of reminded me of “The Mist”.



American Me

Story of the rise of the Mexican mafia in the California prison system. Its a hard core prison flick.

American Me



A young Amish boy witnesses a murder in a train station in PA. Harrison Ford protects the boy and his mother and get them back home. In the process he was hurt but doesn’t want to go to a hospital as he doesn’t know who he can trust. The mom nurses him back to health all the while he has to blend in with the Amish.  This was a good flick. I saw it twice in the 80s. It is on dvd but not on blu-ray.



The Ghost and The Darkness

This was based on a true story. Two man eating lions threatened the completion of a railroad in Kenya. I saw the actual lions on display at the field museum in Chicago. This one is on dvd only.




I saw this one at the theater. It kept me guessing! You won’t figure out who the killer is until they show you. 10 strangers find themselves stranded at a remote motel in the middle of nowhere.  Main characters are John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet.


Almost Famous

Fictional story about a quiet kid that ends up writing for Rolling Stone Magazine. He is only 15 and goes on the road with a rock band. It is a pretty good flick and you should have it in your collection.

almost famous


First Blood

My dad introduced me to this movie. We should all know about Rambo…but if you don’t this is the original movie. Its pretty simple. John Rambo is an ex-vietnam vet that went to visit a fellow vet. When he arrives at the friends home he finds out he died from cancer/agent orange. On his way back he runs into a Brian Dennehy. Dennehy is the sheriff in a small town somewhere in the pacific northwest. Dennehy mistakes Rambo for someone up to no good and tries to give him da business. Mistake.



Top Gun

Maverick, Goose, Iceman…Kind of that summer block buster type of flick. Yet still classic with minimal cheese. I say you should have this in your collection. It’s now on blu-ray and sounds great on a surround system.



Mission Impossible

I know, I know… another Cruise flick. You can’t front though. They actually do a very good job with the Mission Impossible brand. The sequels are also entertaining. You can check how good your monitor can reproduce black in the beginning of the restaurant/aquarium scene. I recommend it.




Pacific Heights

This is one of my “Sleeper” picks. I highly recommend this one. Griffith and Modine get more than they bargain for when Keaton plants himself in their newly renovated Victorian house.




Enter The Dragon

Classic Bruce Lee with guest Jim Kelly and John Saxon. Bruce Lee is an undercover cop in a martial arts competition on a island owned by drug lord Han.




Cant really give details as it would give away the story. This is a nice one. This is one of my “Sleeper” flicks.



Enemy of The State

This is my favorite movie from Will Smith. Solid action from beginning to end. Big brother is watching!




I don’t always like flicks that deal with issues of slavery as they seem to stir up emotions of anger. That said “Glory is a good flick staring Matthew Broderick and Denzel Washington. It’s about the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. It was the first all black unit in the Army during the Civil War.



Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

This is a sci-fi cult classic. It was visually stunning when it came out. I have it on dvd and looks great. I don’t think its a flick for everyone but felt it was worth mentioning.




This movie didn’t age well but I think it is worth checking out. I saw this when it came out. Rollie is a master of special effects. The government comes to him to stage a fake hit on a mob guy. After its done they turn on him and it’s on.



Back To The Future

Marty Mcfly, Doc, the Delorean and the Flux Capacitor. Classic!

back to the future


The Sixth Sense

“I see dead people”.  Its a gift not many people would want. A young kid is haunted by his gift until he realizes he can use it to help.




A classic horror flick. I must say the mother is really the craziest person in the movie. Carrie has special powers and when her class mates make her the butt of their joke they pay the consequences.




Do The Right Thing

A classic Spike Lee Joint. Tensions rise and boil over in Bed Stuy and a pizzeria is destroyed.



Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary is having the devils baby. A classic from 1968.



Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I actually saw this on a day I took off from school! One of the biggest classics of the 80s period. Hopefully you already have this.

Ferris Buellers Day Off


Boyz N The Hood

The directorial debut of John Singleton. This was huge when it dropped. A fictional story about a senseless acts of violence and revenge. The back drop is South Central LA.



Pulp Fiction

A Tarantino classic.  A movie uniquely all its own!



The Wizard of Oz

Is there anything that needs to be said?



Toy Story

I bought this for myself before I even had kids. I really got a kick out of this movie. Mr Potato and Rex were my favorites.



Kill Bill

Revenge is a dish best served cold. I love this flick. Kill Bill was actually one flick but because of its long running time it was split in two parts. Uma is great as the Black Mamba.



Kill Bill 2

The second half of Kill Bill.



Die Hard

Bruce Willis is at a party for his wife when the high rise is taken over by some guys running a heist. No one knows Willis is in the building. Willis is a New York cop and picks of the opposition one by one.




One of the first movies to deal with being infected with HIV/Aids and being fired for it.



Coming to America

This was so original. Eddie and Arsenio killed this one with all the characters they played. “Sexual Chocolate”….drops the mic.




Trading Places

The early days of film for Eddie Murphy. I loved almost every flick Eddie did back in the day. Murphy and Aykroyd fall victim to an experiment set up by the Dukes. Then they turn the tables and pull one the Dukes. It’s classic Eddie.



Rush Hour 2

Chris Tucker must have had a million funny lines in this movie? I played this one so many times even my kids know the lines in this movie.



Cooley High

Let’s pour some out liquor for the brothers who ain’t here! I guess I know where that little pop culture phrase comes from?




Mark Wahlberg and Reese Whiterspoon. This was so beyond what I expected. This ended up being a really good flick! Wahlberg is a nut stalker boyfriend that terrorizes the family of Reese Whiterspoon. This is a “Sleeper”.



House of Games

I haven’t seen this since the mid 80s so I am unsure of how it aged? I remember liking it a lot when I figured out what was going on. It is not on blu-ray. However it is in the “Criterion Collection” on dvd. For those that don’t know…they follow a higher standard. The quality of the video and audio is top notch.



Joy Ride

Nice suspense thriller that featured the late Paul Walker. I believe this will be a classic in the future? Its not a horror flick…it falls more in the suspense/thriller category.


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