Welcome to Morethanmusik.com! As always good music is mandatory but this time I wanted the site to truly reflect the name as my interest are more than music (pun intended). We also touch on HiFi, AV Gear, Film and Fragrance. I am a collector of many things and this is the perfect platform to share my passions with you.

Check out:

The new page “Five Gems” located in the “Music, Film & More” section. It’s basically five songs from highly regarded artist that in my opinion capture the essence of their sound without necessarily focusing on hits.

I posted some of my Hip-Hop mixes to add a little additional flavor. I was a huge Hip-Hop fan during the Golden Era thru about 2008. I am still a fan but don’t follow as closely as I once did.

I have also posted a bunch of my “Disco Mixes” from the Early 90s in the “Music, Film & More” section. For the Disco Heads across the globe it is a small glimpse into the Chicago Deep House scene from that time.

Also check out “Tasters Choice 2“. I have compiled a list of great jazz albums with music snippets for the budding Jazz fan to help in their quest for collecting some solid pieces. Then just below on that same page is “Top House Cuts 2000-2013”. I listed my favorite House cuts from the first 13 years of the century. Even if you are a House enthusiast it is possible there may be a cut there you missed?

Lastly I invite you to check out “Fragrances” in “Nuggets“. I share my love and knowledge of men’s fragrances as a collector. Our sense of smell is one of our most important senses and can have a powerful connection to our memories. A fragrance is an important accessory and should not be an after thought. The right fragrance at the right time can be the icing on the cake. Fragrance should not be an after thought.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the site. Please feel free to leave feedback!

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Rob Fonville aka DJ Ville